HANX Ultra-Thin Vegan Condoms Large Size - 10 Pack

  • DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED - with no nasty chemicals, anaesthetics, spermicide or any unnecessary ingredients. Supported by medical professions, HANX condoms are manufactured to rigorous CE regulations
  • STYLISH AND DISCREET - Our stylish packaging won't be out of place in your bathroom, next to your bed or in your handbag - discreet and simple, for every day
  • PREMIUM VEGAN CONDOMS - HANX condoms are certified Vegan by the Vegan Society so don't use any animal by-products and they are not, and never will be, tested on animals
  • ULTRA THIN - HANX condoms are ultra-thin with a 52mm nominal width and have a clean scent to keep you feeling fresh
  • 100% NATURAL LATEX - Made from 100% Fair rubber latex, which means workers are given a sustainable wage and safe working conditions. Fair for everyone

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