breathe ilo

breathe ilo - Fertility Tracker


Track your cycle naturally and discover when you are ready to conceive

  • Accurately predict your fertile days
  • Track your cycle
  • Identify and keep track of your symptoms
  • It takes just one minute of breathing

breathe ilo is a breathanalysis device and the easiest way to accurately predict your fertile days. It takes just one minute of breathing into the handheld device everyday and the breathe ilo app shows you your fertility status. Whether you’re trying to get pregnant or you’ve already conceived, breathe ilo offers free access to an extensive library on female health. 

The hormones that are produced during the female cycle to start ovulation change the CO2 levels your body releases. Based on your daily CO2 measurement and individual cycle patterns breathe ilo‘s system identifies where you are in your cycle with incredible accuracy. The breathe ilo app helps to identify and keep track of your symptoms.

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