Services that use technology to focus on Women's health.

Juno Bio - Vaginal Wellness: Disrupted vaginal microbiomes can cause everything from recurrent infections to infertility. Trouble is, they're a bit of a black box. We've developed a breakthrough test that decodes your microbes while powering up research. Good for you. Good for womxn. Order your test, Collect your sample, Get your results, Power up discovery. UK based.
Syrona Women is your AI powered digital health assistant focussed on Endometriosis and Mental Health. Syrona Women offers, bespoke tracking and screening tools to assist you with your female health concerns,  talking therapies for integrative women’s health view. Feeling better starts with a single conversation. Alongside access to their community. Where we hold open discussions about topics that matter. UK based.

Zaya Care provides on-demand text support for your pregnancy and postpartum journey. 

Text with a Midwife: Meet your Care Team via chat. Sign up as a Zaya Member and meet your provider team of women’s health professionals. Enjoy around-the-clock answers on urgent or general questions.

Customised Care: Weekly check-ins tailored to your specific stage. We share information and answer questions relevant to your specific pregnancy or postpartum stage. Our experts are trained in full-spectrum support, working alongside you throughout your entire journey. US based.

Twentyeight Health: Your birth control. Delivered to your door. Get a new or re-up existing prescriptions, free & fast deliveries and follow up messaging with doctors. We offer birth control pills, patch, ring and emergency contraception (Plan B or equivalent) prescriptions and delivery. US based.

Evekit: Screen for Cervical Cancer and STDs from home
Taking care of your body is a healthy and empowering thing to do. But many of us face common barriers to screening like: Not having time, or not wanting to take time off work, Feeling uncomfortable with the process, Living far away from a clinic. It’s important not to let these barriers prevent you from getting screened – learn more here about the benefits of screening. US based.
Grace Health: Period and Fertility Tracker. Grace is a chatbot — an instant, private and free way to learn about your sexual & reproductive health. Female health assistant: Keep track f your period, Understand your fertility, Get predictions during your cycle, reminders and alerts.