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The Guardian say: one of ‘seven apps every woman should own’. The App Store named us ‘App of the Day’ in the UK, and ‘Apps We Love’ in the US. We’ve been featured in the Telegraph, Stylist, Forbes.

I’m Kim Palmer, Founder of Clementine and recently voted ‘top 100 women in fem tech and health tech.’ A few years ago I was feeling bad. My anxiety had sky rocketed and I wasn’t coping. Work presentations were becoming unbearable, even meetings were difficult. Meanwhile I had a young son to look after. I needed to make some changes.

I was introduced to internationally renowned hypnotherapist Georgia Foster, whose soothing voice, positivity and practical tools completely changed my life. Things started to look up. I then realised I could help other women who felt like me; overwhelmed by the daily grind.

And so I started developing Clementine: an app by women, for women who want to radiate confidence but are struggling with anxiety, low self-esteem or just feeling overwhelmed by life’s stresses.

Clementine in not a spiritual, hippie app - it’s for the modern woman. And it works. It will help you to sleep better, feel calmer and be your best self. It includes a range of hypnotherapy sessions, as well as the option for daily mantras to pop up on your phone, giving you an instant boost. It’s like pocket therapy.

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