femidi is the world’s first femtech marketplace providing women with the best innovations in female technology. femidi meets the needs of women at each stage of their life: from first period, to motherhood and menopause. Our purpose is wholly focused on meeting women’s health and wellness needs, by sharing education pieces and providing products that put females first, solve a genuine female problem or are simply best in class. 

Earlier this month femidi sought out Natalist, a US-based startup which offers conception products that are “inspired by beauty and backed by science” to help those hoping to get pregnant in the near future. femidi sat down with Halle Tecco, Natalist Founder, to talk about the problem they’re solving for millions of women worldwide. The HealthTech founder and investor have been public about her journey on social media, including two rounds of IVF, eventually leading to a healthy baby boy. Now, she wants to help others make babies, too.

 femidi: Halle, why did you start Natalist and what inspired Natalist products? 

Natalist: When I was struggling to get pregnant, I couldn’t get the answers I needed and found shopping for pre-conception products uncomfortable. To be honest, I felt really isolated and disconnected from my body. So I started Natalist on the values of evidence, education, and usability. We provide evidence-based education and a judgment-free community alongside redesigned fertility and pregnancy essentials. Our aim is to reshape the consumer experience for those on their path to parenthood.

 femidi: Why now? When did Natalist feel like a solution women needed?

Natalist: After talking with many other women, I realized we were all experiencing the same issues and we needed a solution, fast. Our team—moms, doctors, and scientists—are building the company with a mission to reduce the shame, misinformation and outdated product offerings currently experienced by women.



femidi: There seems to be a lot of ‘junk science’ surrounding women’s health and wellness, is there any advice women trying to get pregnant should avoid? What myths can you bust for us?

Natalist: We've seen a lot of unsubstantiated claims out there and are committed to not wasting our customers’ time or money with products that failed science class. We even have a whole page on our website devoted to What We Don’t Sell!  One example is birth control cleanses. Birth control cleanses purportedly help you "detox" and remove hormones that supposedly prevent pregnancy. But this is a myth. There is no medical need to detox from the pill, nor is there a product that can actually do that. We suggest saving your money. 

femidi: At femidi, we aim to provide all women with the best female products, technology and information. We’ve noticed that women’s health is still very underrepresented. Do you agree? 

Natalist: Absolutely. For too long women’s health, like nearly every other industry, has been dominated by men. Women have been left out of leadership positions, and a lot of these products have been brought to market without the input of the users themselves.

femidi: Completely agree! We aim to stock products and brands for women that are actually built and made by women.  What product innovations within women’s health are you excited about?

Natalist: To be honest I’m so excited about what we’re doing Natalist because we are a team of moms, making products for other moms and moms-to-be. We have genuine empathy for our customers. And I hope that comes through on our website and through our products. 

femidi: It’s really inspiring to see beautifully branded, scientifically-backed fertility products that really speak to women and their needs. What hopes have you for the Natalist woman?

Natalist: Thank you! Our hope is that we can support more women on their path to motherhood. We want to give them hope, comfort, and a spark of joy through our work.  We’ll continue to work on new products, and generally take cues from our customers on what they want. Stay tuned :)